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Which one? There's so many!

You cannot be the secondary engine! They’re currently busy, deciding which of the crew’s Trollian handles they’re ‘borrowing’ for tonight.

He’s busy putting on his face. Try again later?

You are now the draft dodger.

Dodging the draft was surprisingly easy. (Which, well, duh: you never doubted it.Iphige came up with the plan and they’re a fucking genius.)

Staying alive after, though: that’s pretty much sucked.

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SUMMARY: Five reasons why Pheres might wear an undershirt. AUs, duh.

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NAME: Pheres Dysseu

TROLLTAG: refiningSpacetime

AGE: 9 sweeps / ~19-ish.

CASTE: Maroon cusp, rosewood hue.


SIGN: Hamal, horns of the ram

LUSUS: Indigo-bird (deceased, stuffed and mounted on passenger headrest in his van)

QUIRK: | Dashes encompassing Words | Proper Nouns and occasionally Verbs capitalised |- for Emphasis -| All Capitals When Flustered |

Essentially a small-ish Winnebago. Specs here.

STRIFEKIND: Stick-kind. He uses a staff when he can, and two sticks when forced into close quarter combat.

Wardrobe. Allows him to keep his clothes neatly packed away, and he games the system by stowing non-wearable items in pockets or shoes. (Cart repair tools go in shoes. Glasses go hooked on shirts. Caegars and electronic items go inside bags.)

PSIONICS:  Pheres has the ability to teleport. He can move objects, but finds it unpleasant: to move something like his wagon, he would need to know every item in it, or they’d get left behind upon movement. Primarily used when in danger or when he’s feeling exceptionally lazy, as the physical strain of using it causes nosebleeds, and for more difficult jumps, worse.

His range for easy jumps is within five feet, and the greater the distance, the more strain it causes. Being able to see his target makes even long-range jumps much easier, and trying to jump to somewhere that he can’t see is frequently a crapshoot in terms of his actual landing location.

Stiff, polite, very judgemental:: he masks his bad attitude with endless flattery and nice words, but gets upset when other people fail to do the same, or - worse yet - actually call him on his bullshit. Dislikes lying, but will side-step around a topic all day long, and has no compuctions with flat-out lying to save face if he thinks there's the slightest chance he can get away with it. He just doesn't like when he gets caught.

Lives in perpetual fear, but represses it through the very firm belief that if he acts properly, nothing bad will happen. Repression is the name of the game with him overall: if he doesn't like something, he just won't think about it at all, and he'll bottle it up until it bursts. Unfortunately, he isn't the most controlled of kids, much to his own dismay, and it's not actually hard to get him riled up. Hates losing composure, takes it as a personal failing when he does.

Pretty casteist as a result. If you adhere to the spectrum, it'll all work out, and if you don't, then that's why bad things happen. Tends to be more talk than he is bite: he deeply dislikes and distrusts seadwellers, thinks midbloods are general uppity jerks coasting on their privilege, and.. he actually thinks bluebloods are legitimately the epitome of trolls, but you know, he trusts them about as far as he can throw them. (And he's like 90 pounds, he can barely throw a book.) He'll talk big about adherence and compliance, but ultimately, when push comes to shove, Pheres'll act in his own self-interests and then feel like shit about it later.

Easily embarrassed. Will blush at the drop of the hat. Has strong ideas of propriety, gets upset when others fail to follow them. Has very high standards for himself, and his standards for others only get higher as their caste goes up. People acting below their station infuriate him, and people not striving to their limits are going to get judged severely. (Everyone is going to get judged severely, but you know, they'll get judged even harder.)

Can come across as slightly suicidal in his behaviour: he deals with aggressive highbloods all night, every night and has a very limited set of survival instincts, in that he will completely suppress them in the name of 'being the better person' or 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'. When push comes to shove, he doesn't want to die, but you wouldn't necessarily realise that from the way he acts! He's the sort of kid that makes plans, looks at them, and then throws it all out the window at the very last minute because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

tl;dr: Judgemental asshole who holds people to unreasonable standards, while flouting them himself when they start to hedge him in. Has very limited sense of self-preservation, is easily embarrassed, and is constantly worried about the risk of him getting injured or dying - just, you know, not enough to actively avoid it.

HOBBIES: Finding, repairing and collecting books and other antique forms of literature. Fashion and the AHRC. Animal watching and taxidermy. Watching trashy films. Travelling.


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